CL5.2/AS1.19/OS1.8: Global high-resolution modelling of the atmosphere and ocean (co-organized).

This session aims at gathering the growing high-resolution global climate modelling community to evaluate the consistency between GCMs (atmosphere, ocean or coupled) in response to increasing resolution. We focus on a range of processes that are sensitive to resolution (e.g., tropical cyclones, hydrological cycle, blocking, ocean eddies), and discuss implications for model trustworthiness and planning of simulation campaigns and model intercomparisons.

CL6.6/HS7.9: Improving the representation of climate using high resolution climate and NWP models (co-organized).

This session aims at exploring how very high-resolution models, including the new generation of convection-permitting models, can improve the simulation of climate variables and their future change, with a focus on extreme events. Of particular interest are short-duration precipitation extremes, including their scaling with temperature and the role of large-scale forcing versus local process representation. We discuss how new projections of regional change can be best used for adaptation planning.